James T. McConatha

James T. McConatha

Writer. Photographer. Storyteller.

I've been a storyteller pretty much all my life.

As a child I wrote fiction with a higher message, then poetry and music through my teens, research in college (except I enjoyed it), and finally journalism where my career began. I picked up a camera for a paycheck for the first time in college, but my earliest memory of shooting is snapping pics with my dad's Canon SLR during a trip to Colorado. I fell in love with still photography.

When I got hired as a videographer at a TV station in South Alabama, I quickly garnered a reputation as a reliable and proficient shooter. Later, I launched a small company with a friend producing commercial and corporate videos. Then I stepped in front of the camera for a job as a TV news reporter. Officially: a multimedia journalist; shooting, writing, editing and presenting stories on a daily basis for broadcast and online consumption.

It's been a wild ride, but I still feel like I'm only just now getting started. There are so many stories I still want to write, shoot and tell.